COVID-19 weekly update

Shelby County did not enter Phase 3 as was expected this past week. Here’s a look at where things stand.

Shelby County

New cases over the past 30 days. Large spikes drove the trend further upward.
Zooming out, this is all new cases since local reporting began.
The last 30 days of all cases: new, active, recovered and fatal.
Same info in a pie chart. 69% of all local cases are in recovery.
The last 30 days of just the current cases.
The last 30 days of local testing and the % positive each day. Our cumulative positivity rate is 7.3%.
Shelby County deaths

Shelby County hospitalization

The following charts have been made available by Lakeland Commissioner Wesley Wright, who has my appreciation. It’s incredibly frustrating that the Shelby County Health Department does not provide this information to the general public.

Hospital utilization status
Local hospital capacity
Hospitalized COVID-19 patients
COVID-19 patients in ICUs


Statewide new cases
All Tennessee cases, last 30 days
All Tennessee cases as a pie chart. 66% of cases are in recovery.
Tennessee’s current cases, last 30 days
New hospitalizations statewide
Statewide hospitalizations, ICU patients and ventilators
Tennessee deaths

United States of America

National new cases
All USA cases, last 30 days
All USA cases as a pie chart. 27% are in recovery.
USA deaths

National trends

This final set of charts are figures I came across on social media this week that I think provide some helpful context for the national numbers.

I did not personally begin recording the daily USA new cases from the start, but here’s a look at all new cases nationwide. It’s interesting to see the dip and rebound.
This chart gives a regional breakdown that helps explain what’s happening. The Northeast had a huge spike and has since recovered, the Midwest had a much smaller spike and fall, and the South and West look to be just getting started. It may be that those regions “flattened the curve.”
This version shows a breakout of what’s happening in a few states, which again helps explain what’s happening overall.

Shelby County: Shelby County Health Department
Tennessee: Tennessee Department of Health
U.S.A.: Johns Hopkins University