COVID-19 weekly update

Shelby County is expected to enter Phase 3 of the Back-to-Business plan on Monday. Here’s a final look at the data through Phase 2.

Shelby County

The rise in new cases seems to be leveling off this week following a dip on Monday and a spike on Tuesday.
Shelby County is up to 6,636 cases today, with 4,690 recoveries and 139 fatalities.
Shelby County seems to have settled on a new, higher level of about 1,800 current cases, up from the previous constant of about 1,200.
Shelby County has performed 95,513 tests, adding an average of 1,382 tests each day this week. For what it’s worth, the overall positivity rate is still holding just shy of 7%.
Shelby County hospital utilization is in the yellow zone, which is between 80 and 90%.
Shelby County continues to lose about 2 people a day to COVID-19. Nursing homes currently account for 7% of local cases and 43% of local fatalities.


Tennessee’s new cases trendline is not looking great, nudging up to the 600 daily range from last week’s 450.
Tennessee added 4,051 cases this week for a total of 30,432. Recoveries are 19,896.
Tennessee’s current cases have been on the rise since the end of last month.
Tennessee’s new hospitalizations trend looks about the same as last week, adding about 25 a day. The state has posted a current hospitalizations chart online, which stands at 387 as of June 11. That’s the equivalent of about 15 days of new hospitalizations.
The state also added this breakdown of cases and deaths by age group.
This is the same data as above, visualized. Tennesseans age 40 and below are 55% of confirmed cases and 3% of deaths.

The table below presents one additional way to look at these numbers.
AgePercent of Total CasesPercent of Total Deaths
Tennessee has lost 475 residents to COVID-19. There was a large spike of deaths reported on Friday that coincided with 59,864 newly reported tests – well above the typical daily count of 5-10 thousand.

United States of America

The United States continued to add about 22,000 new cases a day this week.
America’s total cases passed the 2 million mark this week. More than half a million have recovered.
The U.S.A. has suffered 115 thousand fatalities.

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