Back to Reality

One does not need to look very far to discover that our culture has completely lost touch with reality. Empty slogans and utter nonsense rule the day.

This week’s news was dominated by “the slap.” At least it was a productive use of everyone’s time. It’s a good thing we got to the bottom of that tiff between a comedian and an actor, at one of those events in which celebrities reward celebrities for being celebrities.

Meanwhile on the other side of the globe, an atrocious Russian military invasion continued to destroy lives, uproot families, level cities and pull nations closer to another major conflict.

Here at home, inflation continued to soar and was expected to cost the average American household an extra $5,200 this year.

It would be nice if our politicians could offer real solutions to bring real help to real people.

Instead, we have to move heaven and earth just to get the federal government to suspend policies that make zero sense and provide zero benefit.

This week the CEOs of 10 airlines declared “there is no justification for the travel mask mandate” and have asked for the requirement to expire because “the science and data do not support continuing the mask mandate for transportation.”

Twenty-one states have also filed suit against the federal government, seeking an immediate end to the public transportation mask mandate.

It is absurd how much political and legal pressure is necessary to end a mandate that never delivered on its intended purpose in the first place.

At this point, even the White House has parted ways with the CDC’s party line on how COVID-19 spreads and has finally admitted what I wrote on this blog last June (it’s an airborne virus, dawg). And they are also discussing some of the same policy options (upper-room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) I shared with the Daily Memphian last August.

Why this turnabout has taken a year, I have no idea. It would have been more productive for me to talk to the wall all last year. Nobody in public health wanted to come to grips with the truth about aerosol spread and what that meant for masks – that they don’t work.

But what I do know is that if the Democratic-media complex doesn’t stop peddling lies and nonsense, they are in for a rude awaking this year.

Reality is calling.