A mandate-free month

What’s happening in Shelby County, now that restrictions have been lifted and a month has passed since the mask mandate was relaxed?

We’re at 53% of the Health Department’s vaccination goal, and we’re surrounded by Neanderthal thinking. It must be pandemonium, right?

Great question. I’m glad you asked.

The mask mandate was completely irrelevant.

The mandate did not stop cases from rising more than 700% in 2020.

Since the mandate was lifted, the new cases average has dropped 70%.

Even better, the warnings from experts could not have been less accurate.

We weren’t “growing the epidemic.”

The numbers did not “skyrocket.”

Instead of 6,000 active cases, we’re below 400.

Public health may never come to grips with how little control we have over an airborne virus.

But how did they get it so wrong? When will someone in media ask?