COVID-19 weekly update

Shelby County

The new cases trend continues to rise, moving up from about 90 per day last week to about 130 per day this week.
Shelby County added 905 new cases this week for a total of 5,908. Of these, 3,987 have recovered, 125 have died and 1,796 are active.
The current cases number remained in the 1,200-1,400 range for the better part of two months but has this week increased to nearly 1,800.
For what it’s worth, the overall positivity rate remains just shy of 7%.
Shelby County continues to lose about 2 people a day to COVID-19. Nursing homes account for 8% of local cases and 45% of local fatalities.


Tennessee’s new cases trend continues a slow rise, adding an average of about 450 cases a day vs. about 400 last week.
Tennessee added 3,375 new cases this week for a total of 26,381. Of these, 17,222 have recovered, 418 have died and 8,741 are active.
The number of current cases in Tennessee fluctuated within the 6,500-8,000 range throughout the month of May but is now approaching 9,000.
Statewide hospitalizations are on an upward trend, adding about 25 patients a day.
Tennessee is currently losing an average of 5-6 people a day to COVID-19. Nursing homes account for about 5% of cases and 37% of statewide fatalities.

United States of America

The nation’s new cases trend was previously falling. Now it is beginning to rise slightly, with about 22,000 cases added each day.
The United States added about 150,000 new cases this week, for a total of nearly 2 million. About a fourth of those cases are in recovery, 109 thousand have died and about 1.3 million are active.
The average number of Americans dying each day from COVID-19 is still on the decline but the downward trend is slowing.

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