COVID-19 weekly update

Shelby County

Shelby County entered Phase 1 on May 4 and Phase 2 on May 18. The trend in new cases has edged up from about 70 per day to about 90 per day. Last week, the 30-day trend showed a slight decrease in new cases.
As of today, there are 5,003 cases in Shelby County. That number includes 95 new cases reported today, 1,357 ongoing cases, 3,442 recoveries and 109 fatalities.
“Current cases” have remained steady in the 1,200-1,400 range. Today there were zero new recoveries reported, which results in a spike to finish out the month.
There has been no previous day with zero recoveries reported since those daily totals began to be released in April.
Daily new cases tracks pretty consistently with the rise and fall of daily new tests.
The overall positivity rate in Shelby County is 7% as of 5/31, falling from 9% at the beginning of the month.
Almost 70% of the reported COVID-19 cases in Shelby County have recovered.
Shelby County lost an average of 2 people a day to COVID-19 this month.
Nursing home residents and staff account for 407 of 5,003 cases.
Fifty of Shelby County’s 109 fatalities have been nursing home residents.


The trend of daily new cases in Tennessee has increased slightly in May. This is a change from the 30-day trend we saw last week, which was slightly decreasing.
As of today, there are 23,006 cases of COVID-19 reported in Tennessee. This number includes 440 new cases reported today, 6,902 previously active cases, 15,300 recoveries and 364 fatalities.
The number of current cases in Tennessee has fluctuated within the 6500-8,000 range throughout the month of May.
About 20 Tennesseans are hospitalized each day with COVID-19.
Recoveries are defined as “(1) people who are living and have been confirmed to be asympomatic by the health department and have completed their required isolation period or (2) are at least 21 days beyond the first test confirming their illness.”
Tennessee’s overall testing positivity rate is 5% as of today, falling one percent from the beginning of the month.
Of the 23,006 cases in Tennessee, 1,147 are nursing home residents.
Of Tennessee’s 364 COVID-19 fatalities, 137 of them have been nursing home residents.
Sixty-six percent of reported COVID-19 cases in Tennessee have recovered.
Tennessee has lost an average of about 5 people a day to COVID-19.

United States of America

The trend of new cases nationwide has continued downward over the past 30 days.
As of this morning, the United States had reported 1.7 million COVID-19 cases, with 416 thousand recoveries and 103 thousand fatalities.
Nationwide, reported recoveries have not kept pace with new cases.
The average number of Americans dying each day from COVID-19 has decreased by about a third over the past 30 days.

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