Back in Time

This weekend we lose an hour for reasons that defy rational explanation.

We are made to reset our clocks twice a year despite the inconvenience and the toll it takes because we are conditioned to believe every aspect of our lives should be controlled by government fiat.

To be certain, no additional daylight is gained from this practice.

But rules like these take on a life of their own and become self-perpetuating. Few people want to be the lunatic dedicated to ending stupid practices that provide absolutely no benefit to anyone, because that’s trivial and we will forever have “more important issues” to address.

Petty government dictates multiply because we must step outside the social norm to challenge them.

For similar reasons, people will continue to wear the mask-of-shame for at least another month when entering planes, trains, busses and (in some jurisdictions) pre-school classrooms. Administrative guidelines, social conformity and corporate policies will work together to ensure nobody breathes free.

We go along with these things because we assume the government knows best and there are no such things as unintended consequences.

But by the way, have you noticed that despite our ultra-successful, data-driven war on COVID-19, violent crime has unexpectedly reached a 30-year high, inflation has climbed to a 40-year high and energy costs are hitting new peaks?

And now that we’re returning to the Cold War, too, it’s as if we have driven the DeLorean intent on traveling one hour into the future but accidently skipping back to the 1980s, instead.

Then, as now, we needed a Reagan Revolution to lessen the appetite of government, ensure peace through strength, and place ourselves back on the path toward self-sufficiency and productivity.

When all of life is contorted around a single consideration, such as conserving energy, or limiting the spread of an airborne virus, we lose sight of all other dimensions of life. Regular concerns are sidelined. Terrible policy is created, resulting in harmful consequences for the average person.

More people need to find the courage to call out the nonsense.

Yes, anyone who breaks script from the Democratic-media narrative is going to get some funny looks. It will be like Marty McFly’s guitar solo at the school dance. Some people won’t be ready to hear it. But the kids are going to love it.

The next great leaders to emerge will be those who give more thought to what positions us for future growth and prosperity. They will be people who care about the prospects of the next generation. They will re-unite our parents and stop the family photo from disappearing.

Long-term thinking is our road back (and we still need roads).

Let’s get back to the future, before it’s too late.