Back to Normal

More and more Americans are becoming alarmed by the state of our world and by the disastrous path we are being led down by political figures, institutions and cultural influencers.

Democratic rule has been abandoned. Rights are being trampled. Borders are ignored. Nations appear poised for another major military conflict.

Corporations conspire against their own employees and customers. Basic words and concepts are redefined. The economy groans under the weight of shortages, inflation and inadequate infrastructure. Investment companies gobble up single family homes.

The average person is spied upon, sidelined, silenced and slandered. The powers that be have policed speech, threatened jobs, shuttered businesses, and de-platformed users, while covering up atrocities at home and abroad.

The CDC blasts out ever-changing propaganda. School boards ignore parents. Students are isolated and forcibly gagged. Politics monopolize the curriculum. Mental health concerns build while educational achievement sags.

If all that isn’t enough, the world of entertainment has gone mad. Biological males dominate women’s sports. The century’s most successful author is now “she who must not be named.” Media companies are pressured into self-censorship by has-been musicians and their friends in the White House.

The picture is bleak, but there are bright spots appearing in the places we least expect. A growing revolt is being led by fed-up liberals – media figures, corporate castaways and level-headed athletes. A return to normalcy is budding up, from Virginia to San Francisco.

We don’t need a “new normal,” we need the old one back – a return to the higher standard we used to expect from a free republic.

Over the next 10 weeks, I invite you to join me for a series of discussions on these and other issues, to contemplate how we can get back to normal.

One thing is clear. To stop this slide into insanity, we need normal people to stop acting “normal” and to take a stand. Enough is enough.