COVID-19 update

Vaccines. The COVID vaccination process has begun. Information about eligibility categories and scheduling is available at the Tennessee Department of Health and the Shelby County Health Department.

In Shelby County, 24,000 people have been vaccinated, but few are very happy about the pace so far. All appointments for January have been filled and some await second doses. Older constituents and their family members are frustrated that no waitlist has been prepared, and it has been difficult to follow the process.

Variants. Multiple COVID-19 variants are circulating around the globe and are said to be more contagious. Officials worry the UK variant could fuel case spikes.

New strains originating in the U.S. were discovered by researchers a week after White House officials warned of them and such warnings were dismissed by the CDC and the New York Times as “false reports.”

Strategy. An international study of lockdown measures and business closures reveals no clear benefit over other voluntary measures. But where lockdowns and mask mandates have failed, rapid at-home testing could make a difference.

Below we check in on the local numbers, state rankings, and take a final look at U.S. fatalities in 2020. All local data used comes from theĀ Shelby County Health Department.

Shelby County

1. New cases, last 30 days. The new cases peak was December 17.
2. Health Directive 16 was implemented on December 26. The decline in new cases has continued at a slower pace since then.
3. New cases
4. All cases
5. Current cases, last 30 days
6. Current cases and current hospitalizations
7. Current hospitalizations
8. Current hospitalizations, last 30 days
9. Acute care staffed beds, current census and COVID-positive patients
10. ICU staffed beds, current census and COVID-positive patients
11. Tests and positivity rate, last 30 days
12. New cases and tests
13. Daily and cumulative positivity rate
14. Deaths, last 30 days
15. All deaths by reported date
16. All deaths
17. Case fatality rate by demographics as of 1/13/2021
18. Case fatality rate by age as of 1/13/2021
19. Case fatality rate by sex as of 1/13/2021
20. Case fatality rate by race as of 1/13/2021


21. Cases per 100K population in Shelby County and surrounding counties


22. Cases per 100K population: Shelby County and Tennessee
23. Cases per 100K population: Tennessee, California and New York. The state of Tennessee has currently fallen out of the top 10, to number 15.


24. Flu deaths 2011-2019 compared with all COVID-19 deaths recorded through 2020
25. USA leading causes of death