Contacting the Shelby County Commission

Should you wish to address all members of the Shelby County Board of Commissioners, you can reach all of them using the group email address

You can also leave a public comment by phone at 901-222-1234 or speak with staff in the front office at 901-222-1000.

Citizens can also reach the commissioners individually at the following email addresses:

Eddie Jones – Chairman
District 11

Brandon Morrison – Pro Tempore
District 13

Amber Mills
District 1

David C. Bradford
District 2

Mick Wright
District 3

Mark Billingsley
District 4

Michael Whaley
District 5

Willie F. Brooks Jr.
District 6

Tami Sawyer
District 7

Mickell M. Lowery
District 8

Edmund Ford, Jr.
District 9

Reginald Milton
District 10

Van Turner
District 12