Abortion is essential?

Tennessee Democrats practiced some antisocial distancing this week, separating themselves from their longest-serving state legislator.

The party removed State Representative John DeBerry from the Democratic primary ballot and deprived Memphis voters of a choice (imagine that) for one reason only: his opposition to abortion.

The Democratic party has made it abundantly clear there will be no tolerance for pro-life leaders like Rep. DeBerry.

“The so-called party of inclusion is everything but inclusive. It’s all about thinking with one brain, marching in step and following the company line, sitting there like a brainless idiot and letting them tell you what to do.”

– John DeBerry

While most Tennesseans were focused on remaining “Safer at Home,” Democrats were busy ensuring unborn lives would be less safe in the House.

Meanwhile, a federal judge was busy formulating an even more ridiculous decision.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman ruled that abortion is an essential activity that must continue even while nearly every other business in Tennessee is closed by state order.

Do we need any more evidence that our society has been infected by a virus every bit as lethal as this current pandemic?

If anything constitutes a civil emergency, it is this: a government mandate that all business must end except the business of killing.

Feature image by Sean Braisted.